The Brand

A list of the main things that define our Brand's DNA so you can get to know us -and our mission- a little better.


Port de Bras' Meaning

The literal meaning of 'Port de Bras' is the arms movement in classic ballet. Our overall aesthetic is inspired in this art that never goes out of style.

A ballerina's look is timeless, classy and fierce - a perfect source of inspiration - exactly what our clothes are designed to be.



We work hard to create 'athleisure' pieces for the active woman who wears many hats. A stylish and comfortable alternative to casual wear.

Port de Bras clothes will allow taking the stairs to work (Yes! It's dry fit), play with the kid on the floor with full range mobility, do a 5 mile run at any time of the day (SPF included), travel safely (our fabric has anti-bacterial properties) and any other physical activity or sport that may arise.

And the best thing? You'll get compliments all day long!


We are a movement, not just a Brand

We constantly create awareness about sustainability in fashion and in life.

We strive to promote healthy and conscious lifestyle choices.

We empower women to become the best version of themselves by sharing messages of positivity, stimulating them to embrace themselves and each other.

port de bras founder & creative director

Clarissa Egaña

Know our founder


Sustainable Practices

We cut out our profit margin to invest in the highest quality, state of the art technology fabrics made with 100% biodegradable polyam-ide and still be able to offer a competitive price point.

This investment translates into long lasting eco conscious pieces with a purpose.

We create stylish and durable pieces (sometimes even reversible) so customers don't have to shop for fast fashion items every season.


Meaningful beyond Aesthetic

Our designs protect the overall wellbeing of our customers. We study fibers, colors and lines in order to maintain the purity of the body's energy flowing when practicing a physical activity.

We even incorporate certain crystals to our work-shop to infuste positive vibrations into our fabrics. Also, Port de Bras uses toxin-free fabrics to protect your skin from contamination during a sweat session.


We are a Family

Port de Bras is a family owned -start up- business. We are 100% confident in our product's high-end luxury quality and our ability to deliver exactly what we promise.

We have not done this alone... Thankfully many people have supported our company throughout this challenging journey, so we plan to do the same to others.

We believe that to maintain this positive chain of collaboration and kindness, we must encourage those entrepreneurs that show the transparency and authenticity that remind us of who we once were.