About the DESIGNER

Port de Bras: noun.

Falling in love with Barre is easy, it reminds you of your childhood days in a tutu. It sculpts your body quickly, and the opportunity to wear cute outfits is too tempting not to fall for.  That is why we created a brand around it, one that infuses a feeling of pride, self confidence and poise. Designed to recreate the look of a warming up ballerina; our idea was meant to be born, hit the market and make a statement. Our looks are versatile, comfortable, feminine and ready-to-wear to any occasion, whether your plans are a sweat session or a bottomless mimosa brunch.

Port de Bras is born from an unstoppable desire to create something unique that would impact the world in a positive way. It is a brand with values, true essence and respect for the roots of its nature: Ballet. Our purpose is to create beautiful, classic, high quality and eco-friendly pieces to please conscious consumers and build awareness in the fashion industry.  We are driven by the idea that a business can be as clean and whole as the food we love to eat; and that women at any age should be able to feel empowered in her own skin and proud of the clothes she wears.